Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Of Govt. hackers and just plain hacks...

I don't post much on Livejournal, anymore... for the most part I only come here (go there) to read the few remaining people left on my friend's list (y'know, when the Russian government hasn't brought the site down) and then I venture back into the ether from which I materialised (aka: Facebook).

I dupe my blog on blogspot now (which you're probably pretty aware of, if you're actually reading it there... here... OMG WHERE AM I!?!?), and would probably move it there altogether but for the lingering sense of loyalty I have to LJ and the tattered remains of what was one a really solid community of people, who I still enjoy keeping tabs on.

I mean, ten years is a long time to just throw something away... my marriage aside...

I really need to look into acquiring a backup of my posts here...

While we're casually mentioning government hacks... anyone looked at their portfolio lately?

Don't look... seriously...

Utterly random aside:

I posted this on teh book of face, but figured I'd drop a plug here, as well. A friend of mine has been working on a creative writing exercise dubbed: The Prose Project.

Basically, it's a choose your own adventure style story that's posted in weekly chapters, every Sunday evening (PST), until story completion. He's currently on chapter four of the second story and it's an interesting ride, thus far.

I read it every Monday morning, over breakfast. I recommend checking it out, if you are looking for a brief diversion in your day.

Things with me are basically business as usual.

Work has been steady, dogs and cats are learning to live together (TOTAL ANARCHY!), I'm broker than broke, but not altogether unhappy, so I'm just riding the wave and hoping to stay above water until finances smooth out. Car is still randomly exploding out of various areas... which isn't helping the financial issues, but what can you do?

The important thing is that I'm seeing longer periods of happy and shorter spurts of mind-blowing stress. I'm working towards getting back into yoga and other exercise, which will help with the freak out moments, when they come. One day at a time and all that...

I have some vacations coming up, which is exciting! Holly and I scraped and saved and got a beach house for a week, end of this month. My plans for that include getting some sun, eating a lot of burgers and s'mores and drinking fruity drinks whilst doing both. It will be good. Then, in October, I'll be back out to LA for a long weekend of utter dorkitude at Blizzcon 2011!

So yeah... for once I can honestly say that I can't really complain. Maybe that's why I haven't been on here as much? I'll take it.

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