Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harvey, you cad...

(Un)surprisingly, it's infinitely more difficult to get back into the swing of writing on a regular basis than it was to fall out of the habit. I'm going to assume this is due to the fact my life is so 'wash, rinse, repeat', right now, that I've reached a point where even I'm tired of hearing myself talk about the same shit over and over.

It happens.

On that very note... The Mini has been having a bit of fun at my wallet's expense, lately. I'm not terribly shocked that it's being tempermental; after all, it's almost 10 years old, with just over 120k miles on it. Foreign auto or no, that's as good a time as any to start messing with your owner's mind and oh, but he is.

Yes, it's a he. I'd named him Harvey before I'd even gotten him into the driveway. I know it's more traditional to name these things after women, but personal experience has taught me that men are just as prone to tempermental fits as women are, so there's no reason my little rat bastard of a car can't be one.

So there.

I don't even know if I ever mentioned the problems I've had with him, which started from the word: go. Apparently, at some point in his existence, the windshield had been replaced and not by a Mini dealer. Not a big deal in most cars, but there's something about the way the windshield on a Mini is sealed that makes it a wise idea to pay the extra and have the dealer do it.

I learned this first hand the first time it rained and I opened the door to about four inches of water in the back seat.

There's a drainage duct from the sunroof that filters down the front frame of the car and this was somehow messed with during the replacement, leading to the bugger leaking like a sieve. Several hundred dollars later, he's water tight, but clearly some internal issues exist, because anything involving electricity on the driver's side of the car is... wonky.

The driver's heated seat, for instance, only works if you're not sitting in it. Though the last few weeks I've had toasty buns, which is greatly appreciated at 5am, before the heater has warmed itself up. It was back to being a jerk, this morning, however.

The driver's side window will occasionally decide it no longer wants to work. Thankfully, it has made this decision while rolled up, but as I park in a garage, it makes entry and exit from work a bit of a bitch.

The driver's side headlight went out, awhile back and didn't come back on after a bulb change. This morning, to my great amusement, it was working. I'm wondering if the seat gave itself up so I could actually see the road, for a change.

Please pray to whatever gods of good humour you know of that the lights stay on long enough for me to get my car inspected, because I'd love to not have to shell out a fortune to fix the wiring at this particular moment.

Quirks I can tolerate... living in a box I'm less enamoured with.

The best part of all this is I took him to Mini for diagnosis (which is $130 for them to just LOOK at the car) and they told me that they couldn't see any issues, but the window's motor was likely bad.

I argued, that the motor works fine when it wants to! It's not making any noises indicating strain, it's not showing signs of slowing, which typically happens before one burns out, it just... stops, usually when it's raining and then starts again, suspiciously after the world dries out.

How am I the only one who sees the pattern here?

So now that the issue has spread (I don't have a backup light, either, but that might be unrelated... might) down the length of the car, perhaps they'll...

Nah. Screw them and their $130. I've got the name of a couple of local mechanics I'm going to chat with. Right after I hit the lottery.

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