Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh... hi there!

I think my Muse has run off with another writer.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flex yer brainzzzzz!

So a friend of mine has created a new writing community:

Brain Trust

Anyone looking for a good spot to toss around ideas, get feedback on completed works, or those in progress, or just read some delicious fiction should check it out.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Too late for a refund?

I openly acknowledge I've had a pretty awesome life, so far. Things have not been overly difficult and I've been cradled in a spectacular luck pocket that has dropped some fantastic shit in my lap and kept me out of any serious trouble. All in all... I can't complain, which is why I'm pretty sure the last few years are karmic tuning, because OMGWTFBBQ?

I have a lot on my plate, right now. I'm stressed and very tired because of it. One might say I'm quickly running out of candle.

I've now been divorced for a year, and I'm mostly over it. I still get twinges of remorse for how terribly I handled a lot of it, but I don't think there's any good way to really tell the person you've spent a decade with that you're done and moving on. Especially when they aren't and don't want to.

I don't regret leaving. I'm happier now, for sure, but I do wish I'd gone about some things differently.

Things with my parents continue as they have. My mother still refuses to let anyone other than myself in to help and it's wearing her out. Stubborn Irish.

My dad has had a couple of falls and I've had serious issue with how my mother has handled the situation, but I think she now understands that trying to take care of it herself and not calling me immediately is foolish and she needs to cut the shit and let me handle it. I also need to have a talk with her about meeting with a lawyer to discuss important things like getting my name on accounts and the like. She just doesn't grasp what a nightmare it's going to be if something happens to her and I'm left with my father and no access to anything, except through him. Whenever I bring it up, she acts like I'm out to rob them blind, which is insulting on a level I can't even properly express.

The coup de grâce was dealt on K's birthday, when he found out he has skin cancer that's spread to the lymph nodes in his left leg/hip.

Late last month he had the melanoma removed from his leg, which left a crater in his calf, and they biopsied some of the lymph nodes in his left hip. The good news is that it hasn't gone anywhere else (*knock on wood*), but he has more surgery coming up, next week, to remove the affected nodes, and there's at least a year of treatment ahead of him to try and stave off a reoccurrence of it. Which they estimate has at least a 40% chance of happening.

It's fucking balls... seriously.

In all this there is one bright spot and that's the fact I've been approved to convert to FT at work, which means healthcare and PTO and 401k (not that those are worth shit, right now) for the first time in years.

I'm hoping the conversion will somewhat coincide with the start of K's treatment, so I can have some paid leave to get him over the initial hump, when he'll be the most ill, but I'm guessing that will depend on where I am in the karma regeneration...

So, all in all, this year is not off to a stellar start. I'm really hoping it perks up, because I'm running out of room on my shit list.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just say No to SOPA/PIPA

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Of Govt. hackers and just plain hacks...

I don't post much on Livejournal, anymore... for the most part I only come here (go there) to read the few remaining people left on my friend's list (y'know, when the Russian government hasn't brought the site down) and then I venture back into the ether from which I materialised (aka: Facebook).

I dupe my blog on blogspot now (which you're probably pretty aware of, if you're actually reading it there... here... OMG WHERE AM I!?!?), and would probably move it there altogether but for the lingering sense of loyalty I have to LJ and the tattered remains of what was one a really solid community of people, who I still enjoy keeping tabs on.

I mean, ten years is a long time to just throw something away... my marriage aside...

I really need to look into acquiring a backup of my posts here...

While we're casually mentioning government hacks... anyone looked at their portfolio lately?

Don't look... seriously...

Utterly random aside:

I posted this on teh book of face, but figured I'd drop a plug here, as well. A friend of mine has been working on a creative writing exercise dubbed: The Prose Project.

Basically, it's a choose your own adventure style story that's posted in weekly chapters, every Sunday evening (PST), until story completion. He's currently on chapter four of the second story and it's an interesting ride, thus far.

I read it every Monday morning, over breakfast. I recommend checking it out, if you are looking for a brief diversion in your day.

Things with me are basically business as usual.

Work has been steady, dogs and cats are learning to live together (TOTAL ANARCHY!), I'm broker than broke, but not altogether unhappy, so I'm just riding the wave and hoping to stay above water until finances smooth out. Car is still randomly exploding out of various areas... which isn't helping the financial issues, but what can you do?

The important thing is that I'm seeing longer periods of happy and shorter spurts of mind-blowing stress. I'm working towards getting back into yoga and other exercise, which will help with the freak out moments, when they come. One day at a time and all that...

I have some vacations coming up, which is exciting! Holly and I scraped and saved and got a beach house for a week, end of this month. My plans for that include getting some sun, eating a lot of burgers and s'mores and drinking fruity drinks whilst doing both. It will be good. Then, in October, I'll be back out to LA for a long weekend of utter dorkitude at Blizzcon 2011!

So yeah... for once I can honestly say that I can't really complain. Maybe that's why I haven't been on here as much? I'll take it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harvey, you cad...

(Un)surprisingly, it's infinitely more difficult to get back into the swing of writing on a regular basis than it was to fall out of the habit. I'm going to assume this is due to the fact my life is so 'wash, rinse, repeat', right now, that I've reached a point where even I'm tired of hearing myself talk about the same shit over and over.

It happens.

On that very note... The Mini has been having a bit of fun at my wallet's expense, lately. I'm not terribly shocked that it's being tempermental; after all, it's almost 10 years old, with just over 120k miles on it. Foreign auto or no, that's as good a time as any to start messing with your owner's mind and oh, but he is.

Yes, it's a he. I'd named him Harvey before I'd even gotten him into the driveway. I know it's more traditional to name these things after women, but personal experience has taught me that men are just as prone to tempermental fits as women are, so there's no reason my little rat bastard of a car can't be one.

So there.

I don't even know if I ever mentioned the problems I've had with him, which started from the word: go. Apparently, at some point in his existence, the windshield had been replaced and not by a Mini dealer. Not a big deal in most cars, but there's something about the way the windshield on a Mini is sealed that makes it a wise idea to pay the extra and have the dealer do it.

I learned this first hand the first time it rained and I opened the door to about four inches of water in the back seat.

There's a drainage duct from the sunroof that filters down the front frame of the car and this was somehow messed with during the replacement, leading to the bugger leaking like a sieve. Several hundred dollars later, he's water tight, but clearly some internal issues exist, because anything involving electricity on the driver's side of the car is... wonky.

The driver's heated seat, for instance, only works if you're not sitting in it. Though the last few weeks I've had toasty buns, which is greatly appreciated at 5am, before the heater has warmed itself up. It was back to being a jerk, this morning, however.

The driver's side window will occasionally decide it no longer wants to work. Thankfully, it has made this decision while rolled up, but as I park in a garage, it makes entry and exit from work a bit of a bitch.

The driver's side headlight went out, awhile back and didn't come back on after a bulb change. This morning, to my great amusement, it was working. I'm wondering if the seat gave itself up so I could actually see the road, for a change.

Please pray to whatever gods of good humour you know of that the lights stay on long enough for me to get my car inspected, because I'd love to not have to shell out a fortune to fix the wiring at this particular moment.

Quirks I can tolerate... living in a box I'm less enamoured with.

The best part of all this is I took him to Mini for diagnosis (which is $130 for them to just LOOK at the car) and they told me that they couldn't see any issues, but the window's motor was likely bad.

I argued, that the motor works fine when it wants to! It's not making any noises indicating strain, it's not showing signs of slowing, which typically happens before one burns out, it just... stops, usually when it's raining and then starts again, suspiciously after the world dries out.

How am I the only one who sees the pattern here?

So now that the issue has spread (I don't have a backup light, either, but that might be unrelated... might) down the length of the car, perhaps they'll...

Nah. Screw them and their $130. I've got the name of a couple of local mechanics I'm going to chat with. Right after I hit the lottery.